Thursday, September 30, 2010

When You Are REALLY Tired

I'm talking not nearly enough sleep for a few days in a row tired. REALLY sleepy exhausted, no charge remaining at all, nothing left, tired.

When that happens, do you find yourself eating entirely too much.. lots of snacks, sweets, junk-no-good-at-all-for-you food?

Do inane song phrases run through your head? like "moving kinda slow... at the Junc-tion"

Do you alternate between moving slower than molasses and speeding around like an out of control top, never pausing in the middle at a normal rate?

Do odd blog posts and weird Facebook status updates compose themselves in your head?

Do you power nap? Mom used to lie down and set her alarm for 15 min. She'd sleep, then get up with the alarm and be back to her usual bustling self. I used to do that and it used to work great. Not so much anymore. Getting older causes... oh never mind... falls into the TMI category.

Do you spend more time correcting you spelling and grammar mistakes than you spend actually typing. Or correcting what came out of your mouth.

Do you wander around aimlessly wondering what you got up to do, feeling like you head is stuffed with fuzzy cattails and fuzzy pussywillows with just enough space left for their fuzziness to rub all around in there. (Oh, wait. Maybe that's from last night's whiskey.)

Do you crave a blizzard?

Do you?


Jeanie said...

"Yes!" to most (never could nap) of those comments and FYI, Dairy Queen's pumpkin blizzard is here for the fall season and it is worth every calorie!
(Hope you get some quality rest tonight!)

Karen said...

Yes. and btw ...was at a birth for 22 hours yesterday and this morn. Driving home at 3a, I decide I MUST have a cheeseburger Happy Meal, with a diet coke, STAT!! and make that for a girl....I want my Strawberry Shortcake toy, dammit!!!!!!

...gotta go back to bed....

Kathleen said...

Jeanie, thanks for the tip... tonight it's a Pumpkin blizzard and Project Runway!

Yikes, Karen. 22 hours and you had to be upbeat and supportive. I'd need something more than a Happy Meal.

Karen said... about killed me ;)

Pat said...

I need lots of naps lately, too....*sigh*

Anonymous said...

and I thought I was the only one who suffered from those maladies, not terminally unique after all.
BUT I am able to nap whenever and however whether I like it or not thank you very much and leave me alone....kinda like that.
Wishing that the Sandman visits you soon.

Jackie said...

When I've hit the wall, I'm good for nothing! And yes, I make horrible food choices and get my words mixed up. I've never been able to nap for 15 minutes. I don't see how anyone can do it. When I nap, I slip into a coma!