Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy birthday to a strong, giving, thoughtful, amazing woman.

We celebrated with a big birthday breakfast at our usual Sunday breakfast restaurant.   Lots of family, good food and conversation.  We filled the room to overflowing; Mike and his "kids" sat in a booth apart from the rest of us.  He said it worked out fine 'cause it was Kate's last day in town so they could visit so more. 

Dexter ate almost as much as he tossed on the floor.  He's learning all about "letting go" and "gravity".  Once he started eating, most of the adults admired from a bit of a distance.

Cooper used a knife for the first time to cut his pancakes. We were impressed. He was too.  He just couldn't understand his Dad's instructions to not lick the knife.  After all, there was good pancake stuff on it.  How else can you get it off and into your mouth?

Here's mom watching her birthday pancake approaching the table. 

Then my camera quit.  :(
Darn thing eats batteries.

Though she doesn't need to wear a bib, sometimes in the comfort of her home, mom does like to use one to save her clothes.  I made her a couple with matching napkins. 

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Karen said...

ugh...I hate when my batteries decide to quit! Nice pics, auntie...cute of me and the Dex-man.Your grand babies are adorable. Good seeing you yesterday!