Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today Is . . .

The rules for the latest challenge in Project QUILTING read as follows:

Visit an office supply store.  Choose three items for inspiration.  You may use the actual items in your project but you do not have to use them.  Circumference should not be more than 130".

My inspiration items included a small box of crayons, colorful envelopes and colorful paper.

The end result was a perpetual calendar quilt titled "Today Is..."

I started with a piece of white fabric which I sandwiched with batting and backing.  For the slightest hint of color I used yellow thread and quilted a loopy meandering, adding in a few stars, flowers, suns, and musical notes.  I doodled.

Next, the envelopes.  Using eight fabrics of basic colors found in a small box of crayons (plus pink) I made two sided rectangles, making the top pointed, and folding up the bottom to create the envelope.  These were then laid out on the quilted piece and sewn down.   The dates (like little pieces of stationery) are also two sided.  I used my new serger for these.  (DH knows me and knows I'd much prefer a sewing item to jewelry - he bought me a serger for our anniversary!!!)  I like the border the white thread makes on these.  Numbers for dates cut from black fabric were fused to the 'stationery'.  The dates are folded in half and tucked in the appropriate envelope. 
The black cirle has the center cut out but it's still attached at the top so it can also be tucked in the envelope, leaving the rest of the circle to 'circle the date'.

The months are appliqued letters in appropriate colors. The month banner is held on with binder clips. To dress up the clips I added floss strung with beads the same colors as the fabrics.

Then I added a row of beads to the bottom of the quilt.

For those pesky months (every year has a few) that procrastinate until the end of the week and don't start until Saturday or Sunday, forcing us to add another row of days, I included binder clips that hang from the beads and hold the extra day or two. 
Another fun challenge.  Another learning experience.  I find that with the deadline I am forced to solve my problems as they come up instead of setting it all aside to become another UFO.  There were ten other entries.  As with all the other weeks, I'm impressed by all the finished projects and amazed at the creative interpretations.   You can see all the projects at Flickr: Project Quilting Pool.  You can also see them (but only one pic of each) AND you can vote for your favorite at Kim's Crafty Apple


Ellen said...

Great idea! At the first sight the envelopes looks like little houses and I like the quilting of the background.
A calender like this will be nice as a gift for christmas.


rae said...

THIS IS SO COOL! I'm absolutely loving the posts about the projects. Each one leaves me amazed.

imquilternity said...

How very clever! I love it, and all of the other projects too.

Sheila said...

This is very creative , you really thought this out and I love the result.Good luck .

Mari L. said...

I love this! How imaginative.

Karen said...

I just love this calendar. Could you make me one for my classroom? Hehe

Karen said...

Aunt, this turned out so great! It really is the best project this week and I ain't just sayin' it 'cause I like you! Love the little the circle the ur the whole thing!

Gene Black said...

I love the kid quilt made like that. It is quirky and fun. Tell everyone it is a DESIGN CHOICE and go with it.

Sarah said...

I finally checked out the results & you were robbed! I can't believe you didn't win! This one was definitely my favorite!