Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bart Jr And More Fair Pictures

I went to the fair today to get a "horse fix" - the speed show is always on Saturday. Nephew Bart was there with his two horses.
Lucky horses had shade to stand in.
Here's Bart and Funny Money getting ready to round the second barrel... look at them lean!
"Hey buddy, that run made me hot! Can you grab me a drink while you're in there?"

It was fun being around the horses for a while.

I wandered around the rest of the fairgrounds before I left. 
So many pretty flowers.

And pretty tractors.
And livestock all trimmed and cleaned up and pretty. 
"Is it my turn yet? I can get outta here myself you know."
Ferris wheel anyone? 
Not for me, thank you, I'll watch.


Karen said... the pics...any more?...did they display any quilts? Is ur map quilt displayed?

That Bart sure is something with his horses!

The Hillbilly Wife said...

It was fair week at my hometown as well. My daughter texted from the rodeo and said it's just not the same without me. :(

I usually entered quilts, and had the kids enter things. And we would be in the parade with our horses. A major life change (divorce) caused my kids and I to give up our farm, horses, etc..but God worked in my life in other ways. Why did you give up 'horse life'?

And NO on the ferris wheel. I am not really afraid of big rides, but I was in one with a little kid once, they are so easy to fall out of it spooked me from them forever.