Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sixth Picture Posted Game

My blogger friend Jenn of Life in Bonetown invited me to participate in an interesting bit of blogging fun . . . . go back to the start of my blog and find the sixth photo published and repurpose it, or make it current, or ????

Here's my sixth photo.  Son-in-law John and his first born Cooper.  We were at a birthday party for Cooper's cousin Zak.   Look at Cooper's cute chubby cheeks!  He's taller, slimmer and is now two and a half years old and has a younger brother and another cousin.

So much has happened since that day. 
Life goes on... and on... and on...  
Always changing, always an adventure, and always, it seems, with so very many blessings.

Now, the last part of the game is to invite some of my blogging buddies to play the game.  It's just an invite though... not an obligation... only play if it sounds like fun!

Rae at Us In Tejas  Updated: I just uninvited Rae... she is much too busy, hard at work writing something that's lots more important than a blog post.  Too bad because her posts are ALWAYS entertaining.
Jeanie at Gracie Oliver Arts 


Pat said...

Okay...tried to post and got an error, so this may post twice. I posted my 6th photo on my blog and named 6 others to do it. (I thought we were to name 6, but I see you named more...oh, well...hope my 6 follow through on it!!!)

rae said...

Thanks for thinking of me. I'll be back eventually!