Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blooms All Around

The daffodils are finished but now the trees and bushes are in full bloom.

This tree is covered in beautiful white, tinged with very light pink, flowers.  The rest of the year it looks dead.  The first year we lived here I wondered if it should be taken down.  That's how dead it looks. 

With all the petals on the ground already it's amazing how full the Saucer Magnolia tree is still.

These are blooms on one of two peach trees which we didn't discover until our second summer here.

And the second peach tree.  The flowers are lighter in color.  I don't know if that means it's at a different stage in blooming or it's a different variety or what. 

I love the way these trees look in the springtime.... smears of purple all over the edges. The homes on this little stretch of road sport many of these trees.

No idea what this is but the bush is covered with bright white flowers.

I don't know what kind of bush this is either but if you said the name I'd respond "Oh right, that's it."  We had a few of these in the city.

So many beautiful plants on this property planted with care and attention to detail by the previous owner.  All of it needs more care than I know how to give it (though I am learning slowly) and more care than I have time to give it.  Let me rephrase that.... more care than I am willing to give time to.  I enjoy working in the yard but only up to a point and quilting often wins the time battle.


Anna said...

Is that last one a variety of Weigalia (sp)? It kind of looks like the same blooms from one I have.

Kathleen said...

Oh right, that's it. Thank you!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous! I wish we could be there to see it all. We'll visit soon I hope.