Sunday, April 18, 2010

Double Decker House On Periwinkle Lane

Block 5 (7 more to go)

With this block I learned that if I don't have the exact color called for in the instructions I can substitute and nothing bad will happen!  I'm getting better at french knots.... not perfect, but more of them are turning out tight and pretty than are loose and floppy and messy.  I'm starting to enjoy handwork so much that I'm thinking about sewing a quilt by hand and then hand quilting it.  (Just one!) Or doing some hand applique.  Or both.  Did I really just say that?!


Karen said...

...get ahold of yourself, auntie!!Hand quilting?!? You go girl!


Love your cute house block--isn't coloring fun and then embroidery--who would of figured we'd still be coloring at our age(s)!!
Hugs, Di
PS I hand quilt everything and love it!!!

kwiltmakr said...

That is so very cute. You have done a nice job. I will be home soon and then maybe I can catch up on some blog reading.

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely cute block. I want to live in it... :)