Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brown And Pink

This fabric demanded to come home with me.  The colors are so pretty together.

Of course I purchased a few of the others in the collection to go with it. 
I couldn't wait to dive in and start cutting and sewing.  
A quick table topper / wall hanging and I haven't touched the fabric that grabbed me in the first place! I'll enjoy seeing it on the shelf until the perfect project comes along. In the meantime I enjoyed another "finish".


Foster Momma said...

Wow-you are quick! It looks great!

Denise :) said...

Kathleen, this is beautiful! What fun and what a pretty line! :)

Anonymous said...

Great to talk to you Kathleen! I never commented on Periwinkle Lane-it's dear. I love it! The Sebastopol live traffic feed is me. It's the next town west of us. It's where I would have liked to buy when I was house hunting many yeas ago. It's quaint,hippy, and lovely. Also 20 minutes closer to the coast. It has an area that is called the banana belt that is a little warmer and can grow most things. Alas money often makes our decisions or our comfort level with what can be spent.
The pictures below are wonderful. Isn't Spring just the best? All the wild flowers were out at the regional park we hiked in today! Brilliant showing! Speaking of which, our yard is beautiful also. Thanks to Penny's hard work and mother nature. The California Poppies are orange, the borage is purple, sweet peas are magenta. the vinca is purple blue, and the wild onions have sweet little white bell flowers. All of this comes back year after year. There are 6 flowering trees that are finishing up with their bloom. Four are volunteers-oh two I planted but they looked dead and than morphed into something else. Those wild onions are like green onions with a milder taste. More show up each year. Now if you want a manacured yard ours wouldn't fill the bill and it delights us! Oh life-the surprizes that show up! Like your phone call! Thanks again. Love, Pat

Jenn said...

Wow! That was a quick finish for such a detailed item! Gorgeous!

So, can I tag you for a quick blog game? Visit my blog for details!