Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fun At The Park

Here's another round of those pictures that are too cute not to post....

Justin and Dayna came down to visit shortly after Dayna's surgery. While they were here we had some great weather and spent some time at the park.
Lynzee wanted to run and play with the other kids but she was worried about getting her new pretty shoes dirty.

"Are you sure my feet aren't dragging on the ground? I really don't want to get these shoes dirty."

"Higher Daddy"

They are all so focused on each other ;)

Hmmm.... new hip, carrying baby, walking in the sand.  I predict pain to come.

Binky parking spot.


Pat said...

Cute kids and I hope there isn't pain in the new hip from the playground activities!

Anonymous said...

always keep the binky handy... never want to be without it.

Karen said...

...U funny! I can i just say I love coming to ur blog and seeing that beautiful blue quilt every time. There..I said it! Now where the hell did I leave my binky?