Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What color is Happy?

We've all known what it's like to feel blue. Not necessarily for any reason. Everyone we care about is, if not on top of the world, at least doing pretty good and handling what has come their way. We have lots for which to be thankful. Still. Blue.

And, of course, jealousy is green. A big snarly cat with big green eyes and a big green collar.
MIAAAOOOUUUU (hear: Snarly Meow)

Anger. . . Red. (but lot's of cleaning gets done and the red fades)

Grief, if there's lots of anger too, is black. Deep, deep, unrelenting black. A big, deep void.

Grief, without the anger, I think of as grey. A subtle grey wash over everything. Even though you celebrate the person's life and know they have made their home with our Lord. Still. Grey.

So, what color is happiness? Contentment? Bliss?


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

for me yellow happy, it just makes me feel happy

Pink, the best pure bliss, nothing can go wrong with pink

Brown, not a color I like but it is contentment for me

Cara said...

What a great post! I really like your thoughts on color and agree 100%. I think pink is my happy color, though yellow is certainly bright and cheerful, too. I feel good in pink, I like pink around me, but not on the walls - that, I think, might be too much for me, my 'company color' is pink...