Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fun at the Children's Museum

We discovered a new Children's Museum. This one is new and is still under construction so the admission price was CHEAP. Most of it was done, though, and it should be complete in June.

Caycee, Zak, and in the background, Grandpa and Cooper.

This play set was just the right size for the 2 and under crowd.

This "sandbox" was all beans.

There were paints, markers, crayons, chalk, paper, glue . . . . and aprons for the painters. Unfortunately, the apron didn't do anything to protect Caycee's mouth. Mmmmm, paint.

I did it! I cut the paper!
Zak's hands


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I want to come and play!! and sorry but I do not want to cut all the peices, good luck kiddo!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great place! What was in the sensory table? It looks like a couple kinds of beans. We can't use any kind of food and our table seems boring to me lately. Mostly it has water in it with objects to pick up with tongs and put in little berry baskets. Sometimes we wash dolls, dishes or cars. I need to check out some curriculium books cuz I'm getting bored and burned out. Penny tells me I get like this every year at this time. Hope that's all it is since I have a few years left to work. I thing I'm overdue to write a grateful list. Night, Pat

Anonymous said...

Where is the museum? Looks fun!

Kathleen said...

Pat, it was a couple kinds of beans. Since I don't eat or cook any kind of beans except green bakeds and canned baked beans, I couldn't say what they were. I did look like fun tho. They had a smaller table that had playdough - looked like dried cotton candy and wasn't too popular. And another table with trucks and stuff that was filled with tiny pebbles. Didn't seem very smart as the kids wanted to throw them!

Tina? Jim? It's in Frankfort. There's another much bigger one in Naperville. More expensive ($8 for any warm body - this was $5 for Zak and no charge for adults and under 2) and farther away for all of us.