Monday, April 6, 2009

All tidied up

I'm always getting bright ideas. Well, I think they are bright. Then I try to do them and they don't quite work out the way I pictured them. This one, however, worked! My sewing area in the basement

(I am tired of calling it "my sewing area" and think I will call it a studio soon (did you see my nose lift a bit when I said that?) 'cause it sounds better . . . more like a creative, wonderful place to spend my time . . . and I can call it whatever I want . . . it's mine)

was getting pretty messy. I cleaned it up last night

(working off a mad - not that I had any REAL reason to be mad . . . just cranky)

vacuumed the floor, and put all the odds and ends away. It looks pretty good. But you could see all the baby stuff that I have stored under the quilt frame. It's a large empty space so it's perfect for storing that stuff until I need to pull it out again for the next two grandkids :) happy dance :) this summer. But it looks messy. So, I thought, how about hanging some fabric and curtain it off. Had to go to the quilt shop

(poor me)

and found some $2/yard fabric. A fold, a seam, and a few velcro pieces and ta-dah! it worked! I like it!

And since the camera was out, here's a pic of my latest quilting project.


Karen said...

Good Work....r u still mad?

Kathleen said...

Nah. I worked it all off last night. Otherwise my bedroom closet would be all tidied up too!

Col said...
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Col said...

Next time you're mad and need to clean- COME ON DOWN i'll find something for you to clean