Saturday, April 11, 2009

Finally, "no" means "yes"

. . . now that it's too late to do me any good. Growing up, if you asked mom for permission more than once the answer was, "No means No. It doesn't mean Yes and it doesn't mean Maybe. No means No." It's not that I was pestering or anything but, hey, things could change.

Cooper, like any coming 2-year-old, has learned the word "NO" and he does mean "NO" except sometimes he says no-ooo-ooo. And no-oo-ooo means YES!

"Do you want to go outside for a ride on the Scooter?"

"Do you want a cookie?"


Anonymous said...

Oh that baby! Such a sweet little person. I do remember that no means no business. We were just out walking around the yard and it is like a fairyland. Things are blooming, the grass is so green and the early morning sun is beautiful. We were supposed to start down to southern california today and decided to put it off a day. We will go see wild flowers in fields in the next town up 101, I'll get my tax stuff off to Tony, and Pen will do a little more trim in the bathroom. Would you beleive she replaced the floor, the toilet, and painted the bathroom with clever detail. She is putting in wood base board that has required hours (days)of work. It all started with replacing a old light fixture with something more attractive and modern. It's looking great! Hopefully see you in June. I plan on going to breakfast on the 14th before flying home.We have a three bedroom place in Michigan this year. I know how you two have always liked to run around so are welcome to join us for a day or two if you like. It will be a mob scene this year. Colleen's family, us, Amy's family, Karen, Bart Sr. and Cheryl who will stay off property. They didn't like having to smoke outside of the houses there. Mike will come up to golf with Bart. All of us have our own space with ours being the biggest this year. We will be the company house or the hang out in the rain house. As I recall there would be one stair down and two stairs up to access our place. Love, Pat

Kathleen said...

Looking forward to seeing you this June. I'll plan to be there for breakfast. It's so nice of you to invite us to share in the mob scene - it sounds like a blast. What a big place you have!

the ben show said...

So cute. Okay, I'm sending my mom to your blog because she's been considering getting one of those big quilt machines.

Anonymous said...

That is cute! My 19 month old is doing the same thing only she doesn't draw it out it's just a short "no" said with a happy-go-lucky attitude.