Thursday, March 12, 2009


I recently stumbled across a blog and an etsy store called WoodAndPixels with beautiful images. He also has wooden quilts - pretty cool. The photographer is Dan and he has a dream assignment. In his words:
"A movement to garner support for America's downtrodden through photos and a daily blog/journey that will open eyes, crystallize needs and inspire grass roots mobilization to lend a helping hand to our fellow Americans lost in the shuffle . . . . The project will span from the Appalachians to urban centers chronicling the different aspects of our most needy. The purpose of the project will be to re-ignite interest in our own...within our borders."
Lenovo and Microsoft will finance the dream assignment of one photographer with $50,000. The top 20 vote getters will be considered. If you want to vote for Dan's project, or learn more about it, go to Name Your Dream Assignment.

By the way, this is from his Etsy store:
"Please be aware that all photographs are copyrighted and are the property of Dan Felstead and cannot be reproduced without permission. Just ask...I might say yes!"
I aked for permission to post his Hummingbird picture. He said yes.

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Dan Felstead said...

Thank you...thank you ....thank you! I really appreciate your help. I was fairly certain that I could not win "My Dream Assignment" because many got a head start on me and the contest ends April 3rd (some already have 500 votes). However, as you mentioned, I just realized that the top 20 vote getters will be be considered and judged. Right now, the person in 20th place has about 190 votes. That may be do able! Although I am not getting my hopes up! I just appreciate the chance that nice folks like you are giving me the opportunity to at least Dream!