Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy week, part one: Lunch with Adam

Last week Tuesday was Decorative day. Adam was free for lunch so I met him downtown and he took me to lunch at Lloyd's. It took google maps and at least three phone calls to get me to the correct parking garage. Adam met me at the entrance and it was a very short walk to the restaurant. I've been downtown many times but I can never keep my directions straight when I'm there. I get turned around so easy, even when I'm just walking straight! Being surrounded by all the tall buildings and no horizon and not seeing where the sunlight is coming from just mixes me up. I have noticed though that sometimes you can look down a street and it looks as if the world falls off a few blocks away. That would be the lake, even though you can't see it you can tell that everything stops there. I know that's east and if I can see that, it helps for a bit. Then I look away and get "lost" again. It was nice to have Adam walk with me. He is so at home down there and he looks the part. Lloyd's is a nice restaurant and Adam fit right in with his work clothes (a very nice suit - still amazes me that my kids are all grown up into real live adults that know how to dress and work and EVERYTHING!) I didn't think ahead and had on Decorative work clothes - jeans, fleece and gym shoes - ugh. Next time I'll plan ahead. We had a yummy lunch and good conversation about adult things (ok, the grandkids popped up a couple times) and caught up on each other's lives. Even though we do that on the phone, an in-person conversation is different and so much better. Thanks again for lunch, Adam!

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