Monday, March 2, 2009

Match Me Quilt

This one is next up on the quilt frame. There are only two of each block. Seems like circles need to be a part of the quilting design.


Karen said...

Love sure work fast!

Karen said...

...are u going to do the apartment blocks?

Kathleen said...

I am. I had to finish a quilt that was for a fundraising auction so there was a deadline and this quilt kept calling me. You and Cara are helping me to open my eyes to adding to the blocks! They are next on my project list. Then I need to catch up on the On Point BOM and I want to make a blue quilt for John's mom - need to pick or design a pattern. So many quilts, so little time! (I've heard that somewhere before.)

Dan Felstead said...


Beautiful quilts! My wife is learning to quilt, I will show her yours. Thanks you for your comment on my photo blog and stop back by anytime..comments are always welcomed. I noticed on your profile you were at one time a horse person. So was I. I was raised with quarter horses. I used to game them flag, rescue and barrel race. I miss those times and would like to get a horse again.



the ben show said...

I love that!