Monday, March 2, 2009

Joeanne's Shower - Pasta, Pope & 'prises

Joeanne sure was surprised - nice job Marylou and Ryanne!

Joeanne said she was touched. Awww. (We already knew that!)

The Pope was on hand to provide entertainment. Here he is telling a joke to the girls.
Caycee and Cooper provided back-up entertainment. They lasted for a little while in their chairs but shortly after the cheese crackers ran out the chairs lost their novelty. Then they (Caycee & Cooper, not the chairs) got passed around and took turns squirming on Mommies', Grandma's and Aunties' laps. Fun for everyone!
Look at the Pope wringing his hands and eyeing our desserts.
It was a great evening . . . family, conversation, laughs, pasta and dessert. We were also entertained with Joeanne's touching stories of romance. Congratulations Joeanne. We're so very happy for you and we're looking forward to the celebration.

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Anonymous said...

That pope creeps me out everytime I go to that resturant. There is no way I ever wanted to sit near that. The kids are adorable tho and it looks like all had fun. Love, Pat