Friday, March 27, 2009


Getting a haircut feels soooo good. Not the getting it part but when it's done. Not that there's anything wrong with the getting it part - it's just that it feels so good when it's done and all that hair is GONE. About once a year - usually after I'm really overdue for a haircut, and the last person to cut it didn't cut it short enough and I'm SICK of all the hair - I say to the stylist, "Short. You can't cut it too short."


As I learn everytime I say that, you CAN cut it too short.

Oh well. It'll grow back.


Anonymous said...

My haircut experience is the same. I totally know what you mean. What I can't figure our is with everything else so short, why can't she get it short enough around my ears. The week after a haircut it is creeping over my ears again. Oh well, I just clip it off myself. AND the cut is perfect within a week. I also figured out that the shortness is shocking because I try to squeeze extra weeks out of the cut and I get used to all that hair. Love, Pat

Chi-Town Bound said...

This is a great story! I got my hair cut when I was overseas. I brought in a picture of a haircut that I liked and I had long hair; about to my shoulders. When he was done, I looked like a marine. So yes, you can cut it too short! It does grow back and there is a point when you really love the lack of hassel of the short hair!

Cara said...

What, no picture?

Kathleen said...

Pat, yes! the ears...soon it's too long and just flaps there.
M, good to hear from you - I haven't been there in a while but I enjoy your blog and your writing style.
And Cara, NOOO pic, as I said it's TOO SHORT! bad enough I have to go out in public! ;)

Cara said...

sorry - I didn't mean to be insensative. I spend several days a week avoiding mirrors. Funny - I look so much younger, thinner and better, with my eyes closed!