Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weekend with Zak & Caycee

As always, we so enjoyed our time with Zak and Caycee. (I tried to catch Sarah in a weak moment and have her leave Cooper with us too but she didn't cave. There will come a day.)

The screen saver on the computer is set to play our photos and of course most of them are family. The kids would stop and watch and laugh and shout and identify themselves and Cooper and their aunts and uncles and mom & dad. It was fun watching their excitement and listening to Zak's comments. They were too engrossed in the photos to look at the camera for this photo.

Fun with Grandpa.

I think they kind of like each other.

And no, they didn't sit on the chair and scooter all weekend. They do look sedentary and like they couldn't possibly wear us out but they sure know how to change gears in a flash. And then it's full speed ahead. Look out!


Karen said...

...that last pic is precious...

Anonymous said...

There all precious and I enjoyed seeing
Scott in the pictures. How is the geneaology going with him. I talked to Mary Kay and forgot to ask her what she knew because I got caught up in talking about Larry. I'll call her again soon. Nice lunch bags. BTW I still have a book carrier you made me years ago! I have my Big Book in it. Love,Pat