Friday, January 2, 2009

Move over Cesar Millan

There's a new dog whisperer in town... AND he can get little children to do what he wants too!! Meanwhile, Tina captures the moment... or was it only a nanosecond that all was in place?


Karen said...

oooohhhh.....I'm stealing this for my blog. I had tried to scan it last week, but my scanner wouldn't co-operate.

Kathleen said...

I was going to post it two weeks ago but dragged it around showing everybody and then couldn't find it when I wanted it.

Anonymous said...

Set-up time: 2 days
Shooting time: 2 minutes
Not seen in photo: Jim jumping up and down and contorting himself behind me.
Glad you enjoyed the photo.

Anonymous said...

I can easily see Jim doing that to keep everyones attention. Rachael even looks like she is smiling. Nora looks like she's wondering about the family she got herself born into. I've seen you you do these shoots Tina and the preparation-amazing. And Nadia, your Mom and Dad did a great job of training the dogs. They are so different than the "Doggone Dogs" we read about! Thanks for the wonderful visit; love,games,company,food,presents and hanging out. Love, Pat

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Adriene, the one to the left of Nora as you look at the picture, that looks like she is smiling. Got her name wrong. Pat