Friday, January 23, 2009

Busy week

It started with a Lions Club Appreciation Luncheon. They honored a Policeman, Fireman, Educator and Veteran. Justin was the Veteran. Linen tableclothes and napkins, gracious hosts, an accommodating and friendly wait staff, live music.... very nice. We tried to maintain proper decorum.

Cooper is still learning to keep the "oh, not another speech" on the inside.
Caycee thought is was a great day - there were Cheerios! She was two tables away with Auntie Jayci when Sarah opened the Cheerios. We swear she smelled them, and came flying over.

Zak and Caycee weren't about to let Justin get all the attention... they joined him on stage.

Then there has been sewing and quilting of course!

Out of this needs to emerge a tinwoman.

A lap quilt. I'm enjoying these fabrics.

And I'm looking for fabrics and scraps for a new BOM that Karen found. Looks like fun.


Karen said...

so cool about Justin! Love the pinks and greens for the lap quilt!

Sarah said...

You got great pictures at the luncheon - much better than mine!