Saturday, January 24, 2009


Our aging terriers occasionally have an accident in the house. It drives me nuts! But, I've been trying not to blow up every time it happens, just get the rags and water and vinegar and carpet cleaner and be done with it. (I really wish I could scold the dog but it's impossible to know which one.) I've just resigned myself to the fact that we will need to replace the new carpet when they are gone. arrrgg!! Anyway, I've been doing pretty good lately, calmly taking care of the problem and moving on.

But the other day when Scott hollered from the kitchen "there's pee all over the counter" I did not react calmly. "WHAT?! $%#@#%?!" WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! HOW DID THEY EVEN GET UP THERE?!








Karen said...

...tou are so silly!

Col said...

LOL and it is your handwriting!!

Kathleen said...

... my to-do lists. I use the note pad all the time but didn't connect it with Scott's announcement 'til I came and looked!

Anonymous said...

Funny. That Scott-he always did have an interesting sense of humor. Pat

Dana said...

Hehe!! As I was sitting here reading that I was thinking, how in the world did the dogs get on the counter!! lol

I'm hooked, I need to start a blog! lol I love reading yours!!