Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Visit with Cooper & Sarah

I stopped for lunch with Sarah & Cooper on my way home from Decorative the other day. So much nicer than eating fast food as I drive home. As is normal with such little ones, Cooper is doing more every time I see him. I got a couple hugs and tons of smiles. I'm guessing big sloppy kisses are in the not too distant future. Can't wait!

I love this shirt. I couldn't read it while I was visiting 'cause Cooper was moving too much!

Cooper & Dora. Cooper interacts with the dogs a lot. Lots more than Audrey likes! Dora hangs around a little longer and is so good with him.
My program gets rid of red eye but the animals have yellow eyes. I need something to fix that. Although if I had corrected Dora's yellow eyes you might not be able to spot her in this picture!


Anonymous said...

I've tried programs and none do the yellow eye. I have resorted to coloring them back in brown, sometimes pixel by pixel.

Anonymous said...

It's true. I've been there when Tina was doing this. What patience! Pat