Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A summer walk

Today was a Decorative day and I had some things that I needed to give to Sarah so we met for lunch... AND she brought Cooper! He's so cute I don't know how his parents stand it. He had grapes and cheese and watermelon and sweet potato fries and seemed to love it all. Sarah had some new barbeque burger creation (I remember those breastfeeding days when I could eat anything and never gain a pound.... Sarah's still losing (pounds, that is). I had salad (trying to be healthy and calorie concious, don't ya know) and cream of potato soup (mmmm) and Hot Fudge Brownie ala mode (cause you can't go to Baker's Square and not get dessert - it's a rule). I felt so guilty I had to walk tonight. It was a totally typical August evening...

Summer is my very favorite time of year. To me each month of summer is a little different.
June usually starts out hesitant, sometimes warm, sometimes hot, sometimes cool but with promise. By the time it's half over there are warm days, blue blue skies and you can just get lost in there and feel like summer is stretched out in front of you and will last forever. Knee Deep in June is the most relaxing, lazy place to be. (It's also a poem by James Whitcomb Riley and if you want to really experience it, you need to listen to Scott read it.)
July is celebrations and picnics and parades and county fairs. After the Fourth of July you already start talking about how fast summer is going by. All the flowers that you planted in May and June are filling in. The weather turns from very warm to hot.
Then August... this evening was pure August. Scott & I went for a walk after supper (ok, I walked & he scootered). It was near dusk and it was hot and the air was heavy. The sun was almost down, just a last bit of pink spread out in a few layers. You could hear the locusts (or tree toads or whatever - I don't know what they are but it's a totally summer sound). The corn is taller than me and still green. The fields of beans are like deep, deep lush green carpets that seem to stretch so far with a lonely stalk of corn shooting up every now and then. You know that, even though September will have it's hot days, summer is almost over. It usually makes me anxious that fall and winter are not too far away. But this year I'm counting the days... it can't go fast enough.... we can't see Justin 'til it's nearly over. Come on fall!! Hurry!!
Pretty soon we can take down our map of a foreign land. We can change our extra kitchen clock back to Central time instead of "Justin time." We can stop checking the MNF news realeases to see if anything happened as we slept. We'll be able to call him when we want instead of waiting and hoping to hear from him. We'll be able to SEE him and HUG him and I just can't wait!!!!! What a sight it will be to see him and his wife and kids all together again.... And he can take his car home. After our walk we drove his car just to get it moving a bit. We needed a destination and Dairy Queen was convenient. One Peanut Buster Parfait later and I need to walk a whole lot more.

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