Thursday, August 21, 2008

Old Settler's Weekend

We had another fun weekend with the kids and grandkids visiting. This time it was all the grandkids. Cooper brought both his parents and Zak & Caycee brought their mom. (We missed Adam as he had to do a training session at one of his sites. And we missed Justin, he was busy making stops all over the world on his way to California.) Caycee is really walking now and it won't be long before Cooper is walking. You see him standing and think he's going to take a step and then plop, he sits. Soon. I love that the kids love to play with each other and are so happy to see each other in the morning or when they wake up from a nap (not that there were many of those!)

After the parade, Zak enjoyed the rides. The cars were whizzing by so fast it was hard to get a good picture.

In between corndogs & hamburgers & pizza & pop and slushies, the rest of us watched...

We had to watch out for the dangerous lady you see at the left in this picture. Her T-shirt said she was from a church but she kept trying to send a bunny home with us. We had to be very vigilant not to fall prey.

Back at the house Cooper found some entertainment. This window crank fascinates both him and Caycee. We all just wish it wasn't so close to the electrical outlet and cord!

And I got to spend some alone time with Cooper while Mom & Dad slept...

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you get to spend so much time with kids and grandkids. Looks like everyone's having fun and the kids are adorable.I have to say that not being able to spend time with the family,at the drop of the hat,has been the downside of living across the country. See you soon. Love, Pat