Friday, August 15, 2008

Party Planning

So we got together last night to discuss and plan mom's 90th!! birthday party. Pizza first, yum, and a you-know-who "ambush" with the pizza bill. You have to do something the day before to get ahead of him on a bill. We divvied up the chores. Col brought the invites that she made - they looked great - and the printed envelopes. While the menus were being poured over, we also stuffed the envelopes. There was much discussion about licking the envelopes. Eww, licking the envelopes?! Who would do that?! In these modern times?! Terry and Jay took care of the problem. They worked together. How many O'Neills does it take to seal an envelope?


Karen said... funny!

Anonymous said...

Love the video- leave it to those O'Neill boys!