Wednesday, August 13, 2008

PEACHES!! Pink, and Phew!

We have a peach tree! I don't know how we missed this last year. Scott just discovered it today.

And aren't these flowers pretty? They were a surprise last year. There are so many flowers on the end of one thick stalk. They make quite the display with three or four stalks in a tall vase. They also have a scent you'll never forget. Don't even THINK about bringing them inside. It took us a while last year to find out where the cat fecal matter was hidden.... it was the flowers. PHEW, ICK, YUCK! We'll enjoy them outside from now on.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, nice peaches. we have them also,but they are very small and yummy. When I want some, I go out and shake the tree branches gently and the ripe ones fall on the ground. Saves squeezing to check for ripness. About the beautiful flowers-did you know they often rise out of cow patties? Liked the pictures of the kids at the fair and in their high chairs. See you soon. Love Pat