Thursday, March 3, 2011

MS Awareness Month - I'm So Done With It

A few days ago Facebook statuses started popping up with "Tomorrow starts Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month. Copy and repost this if someone you know/love is affected by MS....."  I'm paraphasing but you get the point.  Not being satisified with just copying and reposting I thought I'd make up a few (31 really) little snippets about MS that involved the letters M and S and post one each day of the month of March.  Just to bring a little more awareness and maybe a bit of humor at the same time.  Here's a few examples...

MS makes Minestrone Sipping difficult.
MS causes Missteps and Stumbling.
MS causes Mishaps and Staggering.
MS is a Merry-go-round of Symptoms.
MS can Minimize your Self confidence.
MS got My Sweetheart

As you can see the humor was sadly lacking.  Just two days of posting quick thoughts on FB and I'm rethinking that idea.

Before you think I'm whining, please know that I know that we have been so incredibly blessed that we had so many, many years when MS was just lurking in the background and was not a large, everyday part of our lives.  With the first mention of it as a possibility nearly 35 years ago, things could have been so different if it manifested itself more quickly and more powerfully.  Being able to raise his kids was always Scott's prayer and it was answered.  And so much more.   Listing tidbits about this Maddening Scourge of a disease makes Me Sad and gets me nowhere and doesn't really make anyone more aware of what this disease is or does.  It's like so many other diseases or disabilities - you 'get' the two-line-basics of what it is.  But each disease or disability has its own heartaches and challenges.  You don't really understand - or need to understand (who has that kind of time or strength) - the implications and nuances until you or someone close to you is affected.  

With MS, when you do really understand, one of the hardest things is hearing about someone young who is newly diagnosed.  It's heartbreaking. The best you can do is pray that MS takes its sweet time to manifest itself fully, that they have time to live a full, active life (and truly appreciate it) with just occasional inconvenient attacks before it all goes downhill. 

So. Be aware. MS exists.

And now I'm done.  Time to focus once more on the positive.

And the sun is shining again today.


Pat said...

Well-said (I know, from having seen a young person in our extended family robbed of much of her life by this disease). I don't think, though, that any of us feels you are whining or minds if you inform us about MS on your blog, so please don't feel we don't want to hear what you have to say, okay?

Pat said...

I agree with Pat. It is aways helpful to get awareness of what other people are going through and the knowledge of what happens to a person going through a disease whether it is MS or another one. I hope someday cures are found for all the terrible diseases there are in the world. I am on a Clinical Trial for COPD and it didn't work for me but hopefully they learned something because of my willingness to help. God Bless everyone who has an illness. There is no sun here but I am sure it is shining somehwhere.

Elisa Black said...

I wholeheartedly agree that you are not whining about MS or your situation. My heart goes out to you and your sweetheart and I think it is fine to share with others what your experience of MS is to the degree that you are comfortable. I think opening up can only elicit support and understanding for you, and your disclosure in turn can be enlightening for some of us who know someone who has MS (in my case, a neighbor). I didn't know it was MS awareness week, and I haven't seen my neighbor lately, so it gives me a good excuse to give her a call. Thank your for sharing.

Jeanie said...

You're not are just stating some facts and informing others who don't understand the disease. You live life to the fullest and make the best of a bad situation. That's apparent by just reading your blog. Hugs and prayers heading your way!

Karen said...

I love you, auntie....Uncle Scott is so blessed to have you for his wife.

Anonymous said...

Not whining, dear... you are not whining. Hugs.

Jennifer Rodriguez said...

Not whining at all. I'd rather learn more about what it is like than to read those "copy & repeat" messages.

Knowing the people behind the issue makes a huge difference. If no one talked about it than it would be hard to lobby for more research.

You keep talking, and we'll keep listening!


Anonymous said...

I so admire you. The way you live our life is wonderful. You are so wonderful and caring, And no you are not whining!
Love, Kathy

Marie said...

Hey! What's wrong with whining anyway? Whining is highly underrated. It is in the title of my blog. And I maintain anyone with MS (or any other chronic illness) is more than entitled to whine. So whine away, you won't hear any complaints from me.

I LOVE your "MS makes..." list. It's brilliant. :)