Monday, March 7, 2011

Mini Quilt Exchange - Practice Piece

Jennifer of All Things Belle (and the force behind Make It WOW) has started a flickr group for a mini-quilt exchange.   It sounds like fun!  Of course I joined.  And of course I'm impatient to get started, so I made a practice mini quilt.

I had one lonely flower made from a log cabin block.  It was one of my cast-offs from last season's Project Quilting.  All that was needed was a stem, with a leaf.  Fusible applique held the pieces in place while they were stitched down with an applique stitch.  No binding this time, just the front and back RST with the batting behind the front, stitch and turn inside out.  Echo quilting was done in one of my new favorite thread colors - antique.  A length of embroidery floss stitched to each side of the top for hanging completes the mini quilt. 

It's just 3" x 5" which is the smallest size in the mini quilt exchange.  The largest size is 15" x 15".  I might just make a practice 15" mini quilt tomorrow.

Want to join the fun? Just one project per month.  That's doable.  Come on.  Join in.  You know you want to. 


Elisa Black said...

Your mini quilt is lovely!! Looking forward to seeing more! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I love how you upcycled a cast-off block. Ingenious!

Karen said...

Nice work,auntie. What stitch did you use to applique the flower?

rae said...

You're so right about the quilt on my wall. I love visiting your blog - it keeps me inspired! After reading this post me and my husband sat down and figured out what kind of quilt we wanted hanging on that very wall!