Sunday, March 20, 2011

Deep In The Middle

No finishes yet - just in the middle of lots of projects.

I did most of the work on this quilt, Ramblin' Rose in February.  This weekend the ric-rac stems have been sewn down.  I'm working on the flowers, then it needs to be bound.

I have a good start on my version of Sashiko for this week's WOW challenge - the theme is Japan.

Sharon from Kentucky made this Quilt of Valor.  I always audition several thread colors before starting to quilt.  White / off-white is seldom my first choice but with the red, white and blue quilts it usually seems to be the best.

The final Project Quilting challenge of Season 2 is large scale prints.  This looks large, doesn't it?  A striped or plaid fabric still needs to be added. 

These are pieces for a Quilt of Valor that is going to a wounded hero that I know.  108 rectangles that have one bit of blue and 54 rectangles of white/blue/white will yield sets of little triangle that will make 216 HST that are 1 3/4" square.  I'm still working on what to do with them.  Several red and white blocks are already finished... no pic.

This is probably the reason I have so many middles and no finishes ;)   It's almost finished.  Tonight?  Tomorrow?  Then I plan to have a week full of finishes.  


Karen said...

Wow,aunt! Great seeing what ur working on. The b/w flower qyuilt soolks about some little black buttons in the middle of the flowers to make them pop...i have some really tiny ones I can send with the quilt i'm sending hopefully this week.

yes, I think that print is big enough...should be intesting to asee what u come up with...I know it will be something good;)

That puzzle is HUGE....good for your brain to work puzzles;)

Kathleen said...

Karen, I was planning buttons or beads in the flower centers but was thinking pink... black is a much better idea.

Anonymous said...

You have lots going on. It's going to be a busy week for me, too!

Cara said...

I LOVE puzzles. Haven't done one for a while. It was difficult when we had cats - the pieces kept disappearing, omly to show up later with bite marks that altered their fit. LOL
Take a break, enjoy what you like, life is short!