Monday, May 10, 2010

Surrounded By Rectangles

3" x 5" rectangles. 
Fifty of them.
They are all around me. 
In my sketchbook, on the cutting table, the kitchen table, the design wall. 
I fell asleep thinking about them, dreamed about them, and woke up thinking about them.
They have been cut, layered, stacked, cut again, folded, twisted, lined up end to end, side by side.

All this because the first challenge of the first season of Project Quilting was posted yesterday at Kim's Crafty Apple.  So there are plenty of quilters hanging with these rectangles this week.  Can't wait to see what everyone creates for the challenge.  And to 'hear' the judges critiques.

Back to my rectangles.
They need to find their way to the sewing machine.
From somewhere I'm hearing "Make it work!"


Karen said...

...let the games begin!

Mary said...

Have fun, I'm playing with rectangles myself but not for a challenge.

Myra said...

Sounds intriguing Kathleen! I will be watching you to see how this all goes... 8-)