Thursday, May 6, 2010

One Flower Wednesdays

A hand sewn project has been calling me.  Grandmother's Flower Garden seems like the perfect quilt to sew by hand.  A bit ambitious maybe for my first hand sewn project but it IS just a piece at a time. So, I can do it. Yesterday, thanks to Quilting Fiesta, I found Karen of the blog Journey of a Quilter.  She is hosting a Garden Party.  Every Wednesday one flower needs to be sewn.  My first thought was I'll do a dozen each Wednesday.  You'll notice it's Thursday as I post this.  My first flower didn't get finished until this morning.  But it did get done!


and the back... I need to work on smaller, more consistent, straighter stitches... time and practice...

It's not really that color. See how my cutting board isn't even green?  It's really the color of the fabric below, which I purchased to make a wallhanging and had lots left. 

And, since I'm hand sewing a traditional quilt pattern it seemed appropriate to use 30's fabrics.  So maybe two quilts will come of this.  Just a few fat quarters to start. 
I feel out of my element with 30's fabrics but I was told after I use them for a while I'll wonder how I'd ever do without.  We'll see.  They are pretty cheery.

So now on Wednesdays you'll find me with my cup of tea at a Garden Party!


Cara said...

Your flower is so cute! I can't figure out how it goes together.

Jeanie said...

Your block is lovely! I enjoy hand piecing, but rarely take the time to do it anymore. I love the fact that it's portable and you can take it anywhere, using waiting times for quilting. I also feel more relaxed when hand racing sewing machine...just me and my needle. Have fun!

JustCindy said...

Oh I love the color of your flower.

Karen said...

I didn't like 30's fabric at first, but I so love them now. Your flower is beautiful!!! Such a great colour. It does take a bit of time to piece just one.

Valentina said...

GASP!!! Like crushed velvet... Oh my what i lovely flower, Kathleen!
Your stitching looks fine to me, and with practice it will go faster. I use my quilting needle to do a running stitch a la Jinny Beyer. And find that a smaller needle makes my work neater. This is how I stitch my Klosjes. I am doing English Paper Piecing for my Hexies. Maybe you should give EPP a try, especially if you are a beginner as It's all fun and no hassle!
I so happy I'll be seeing you at the garden party next week! I'll be the one with the straw hat and wild flowers! i'll save you a seat?

Sandra Henderson said...

I'm so happy to have found you through One Flower Wednesdays!
Beautiful flower! This is the dilema I had when I began... what fabrics? I too, think of the 30's as what you would use... but have done mostly the civil war prints because I like that era and have so many. However, these bright colors as your purple are just so fitting! What a cheerful quilt you are going to have! Can't wait to watch it grow! :) WELCOME!

jilly said...

Oh you brave soul, hand piecing without paper templates!!! Love the color...lavender and purple are my favs.

Welcome aboard. Visiting from One Flower Wednesday.


Joan said...

Hi Kathleen ..Sorry I am late visiting One Flower Wedneday people...but here I am at last .
I love your flowers...and two quilts sound great to me :) I do love your fabric choices ..Will catch up again next week I hope.

Cathi said...

Love your flower -- that fabric is gorgeous!

Sheila said...

What a fine job you did on your pretty flower , and all by hand :-) Your stitches look just fine to me and I am intrigued that you did it without using the paper .I'll also be watching your garden grow .