Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chatelaine Anyone?

Recently I was asked to make a chatelaine and a pattern for one.  It took four tries to get the one I wanted for the pattern.  The final one had little log cabin blocks on the pockets and summer fruit, flowers, birds and bees and a few other things... kinda cute but no decent pics :(  I handed that one over along with the pattern.  But now there are three chatelaines left and I know I won't use them.  They are supposed to be handy at retreats...  to keep your applique scissors, your frogging tool, and other essentials right where you need them.  Anybody need / want one?

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Cara said...

Cool! When I saw the pictures I thought they were for Minister's to wear. I've made a couple of Ministers stoles for special occasions in our church. I think our adorable Youth Minister would enjoy having one of them if that works for you.