Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Quilt For Kids

Quilts for Kids is an organization that takes discontinued fabric that is destined for landfills and makes quilts and other items for kids in need. Heavyweight fabric is made into many other items such as wheelchair bags and tote bags.  Lightweight cotton is made into quilts that comfort children in need globally.  Kits are available by request.  You ask and they send a package of fabric that is already cut into strips, and a simple pattern, plus fabric for the backing.  You provide the batting and do the sewing and quilting. Of course a donation of a quilt made from your own fabric is welcomed!  I made this simple quilt from one of their kits.

Rather than hand sew the binding I first sewed in onto the back of the quilt, then brought it to the front and used a machine decorative stitch to secure the front of the binding.  Quicker and more secure than my hand sewing.

And less time sewing binding equals more time to make more quilts!


Kathleen said...

thanks so much for letting us know about this...i will also blog about it soon as i know lots of people would love to hear about it

i love the quilt you made and think that binding idea is brilliant!

Karen said...

oh yes, my auntie is BRILLIANT!!!! The quilt looks great....I'm heading over to that site to get myself a kit. Great idea for the binding...i did that on the army quilt I made and then promptly forgot about that technique. I always sew my binding on and am never happy with how it looks but can't stand the thought of hand sewing. the end.oh, one more thing...i haven't committed yet, but i was thinking one of my new years resolutions(and i don't usually make them) would be to make one simple quilt a month to give away to a needy kid.if I do, i need someone to keep me accountable 'cause i'm REALLY bad at keeping commitments.the end for real.

Kathleen said...

Karen, that'd be a great habit to start. Maybe I'll do it too and we could keep each other accountable. (And you know I'll be glad to quilt any or all of them.)

I wish I could claim the brilliance but it's a modificaton of binding I saw on a quilt at the LQS.

rae said...

What a great concept!