Monday, December 7, 2009

My Jeans Have Come Full Circle

When I was a young mom there was lots of time spent on the ground playing or helping a little one. Tying a shoe, kissing an ow-ey, fixing a toy, playing with legos, picking just the right book. As a result all my jeans were worn at the knees, the older they were the more worn of course, until there were holes. I'd wear those jeans until the holes were really big. And, yes, I'm old. So this was way back in the dark ages before it was cool to have holes in your jeans. It just meant you were broke.

Years passed, kids grew, money improved and along came the horses. Then I needed jeans that were long enough so that, when riding, the bottoms didn't ride up to the top of my boots. That meant that, when walking, the jeans were too long. All my jeans wound up with ragged hems.

More years passed. Things changed and we said goodbye to the horses. The kids grew some more and had their own kids. Now the jeans are the right length but it's down on the ground again . . . to help, to play, to get the best hugs and kisses in the world. And my jeans are worn at the knees again. I love it.

Now if I could just get the jean size to come full circle.


rae said...

Very cute.

Col said...

I'm in the boy is my butt and gut big stage. Kids not crawling, just me driving them here and there.