Monday, August 24, 2009

Procrastination vs Motivation

It seems Procrastination
Is beating up on Motivation

I can't get anything done
And I'm not having any fun

There're so many seams to sew
And dust everywhere I go

There are cupboards to be cleaned
New quilt patterns to be gleaned

Must go back to making a list
so I can do my very bist

Gonna make that list right now
Honest, for sure, I will, right now

Then look out - I'll be moving
For my sanity it will behooving


Anonymous said...

A poet also! What talents are there still to be discovered? I especially like the way you rhymed list. Creative! Love, Pat

Karen said...

u funny, auntie!

Col said...

You are a hoot! Will you be rhyming your to do list to boot?

Kathleen said...

Dear Col,
Too often my dear sis,
Hanging with you I do miss.
You think you're funny, you think you're smart....
Just hearing from you - that's the best part.
At last my list it jelled,
But nary a rhyme it held.
Too many lines ended with quilt
A rhyming list just couldn't be built.
But it's job it did do -
I've finished a thing or two.