Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dinner with Adam

We all went out to dinner with Adam one last time.

(fun but GRRR, whine, whine)

Scott says he has changed his mind and he doesn't want him to go. I don't think there has been any mind changing there - that's pretty much been the case all along. When I pointed that out, Scott's reply was "Now I forbid it." I'm pretty sure those days are over.

Considering the number of little ones at dinner it went pretty well. I wanted a picture of Adam with all his nieces and nephews to help the kids remember him while he is gone . . . . so he won't be a stranger to them when he gets back. It seems not everyone was focused on the task at hand . . .

There were several cameras in attendance so I'm hoping someone else got a better shot!


Anonymous said...

Hey I think the picture is perfect! It's an action shot with the kids being who they are. Too bad we can't see Zak's face full on. I think you achieved what you aimed for though. It's a picture with a clear shot of Adam in the middle of the action for the kids to look at until he get home again. It's way to bad that it won't work for Scott to forbid Adam to go. It's hard being parents sometimes and we didn't know the half of it when they were little. Like Mom always said "Little children-little problems, big children-big problems. I will hold all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Pat

Anonymous said...

Oh and P.S. your children seem to have grown into wonderful young adults Kath and Scott. Love, Pat

Kathleen said...

They have grown into wonderful adults (in spite of us!) and I'm so proud of each of them.

Anonymous said...

You should be, Kath!

Love, Deb