Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Good Week

On Monday we spent a few hours with Zak & Caycee... playdough, puzzles, books, bubbles and lots of giggles. Then a bit of a visit with Justin & Dayna while I held and fed and adored Lynzee. No pics :(

We also saw Cooper FOUR days this week! And he's still here with his mom and his herd of elephants.

While he naps, Sarah and I have been sewing together. I could get used to that. What a pleasant way to spend the afternoon . . . sewing and talking. I love sharing this time with Sarah.

She's working on a Cooped Up original design and it turned out so very cute.

Quilting / Sewing progress this week included:

Two more blocks for On Point BOM

This quilt got loaded on the frame. I decided on gray thread and it looks really good so far - I think it was a good choice. I'm having trouble deciding what to do for the red squares. The rest is all over loopy and goes well with the design of the fabric.

I made the binding for this quilt.

Almost finished some curtains / drapes for a couple windows.

AND . . . MS has its ups and downs, its good days and bad days, and this week we enjoyed nearly FOUR pretty darn good days in a row!!! Just awesome!


Karen said...

wow....what a wonderful week.Your Bom's look perfect. Sarah looks sew sweet as does her boy. here's to another great week!

rae said...

This just looks so cool. Quilting is a talent I would love to have. I love coming to your blog!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Sarah and Cooper. Wonderful to hear about all the good days for Scott and therefore you too. Thanks for breakfast. Love, Pat

Cara said...

I love your new quilts. Both are beautfiul!