Sunday, August 2, 2009

Calling All Quilts

EDITED 12-19-09 YES, THIS OFFER STILL STANDS!  See end of post for customer quilts and comments.

I love my long arm machine and frame. I so enjoy free motion quilting. I can't make tops fast enough to keep the frame loaded. Want to help? I'm looking for quilting work and since I don't have customers that I can use as references (except for niece Karen), I am willing to quilt your top for half price. Typical price in the current market is $0.015 per square inch.  

So I will quilt your top with an overall meandering or loopy loops for $.0075 per square inch!

Special offer:
If your name is Karen, AND you happen to be my niece, price is $0.00 per square inch.


UPDATED 12-19-09:

Several quilters have taken me up on my offer and here's what they had to say...

Sara said, "I LOVE it! It never fails to amaze me how a quilt top comes to life once it is quilted!  I'll definately be getting more done!"

Randi sent three beautiful quilts and she said,
"They came!!! They're here!!! They have arrived and they are beautiful!!! Thank you so much!!!! I love them!!!! It has been wonderful working with you on these quilts! Thank you so much!!!"

Wanda said, "This quilt turned out beautifully!"

Michele said,
"I got it yesterday!!! It looks great. Thank you so much. If I know of anyone who is looking for quilting services I will certainly send them your way!! I can't thank you enough."

Offer still stands.  Leave a comment if you are interested, or get my e-mail from my profile page.


RandiLynn said...

i'm sending you an email, right now!

Karen said...

my name is karen!woohoo!

Erin O. said...

Boy-I was just wishing for someone to quilt my stack of tops!!! I'm sending you an email now.

The Quilt Buddy said...

Thanks for the info. I'll ask around for you!

Leslie said...

i have been very sidetracked by blogger quilt festival...i wanted to thank you for your kind and generous offer of fabric for my quilt that is missing a little....anyway when you made that offer something triggered a stash flash and i remembered that i had a fabric that matched in there. so i have taken it out and i think i am absolutely going to be able to make it work, but thank you so much. i am amazed by how generous you are

Sara said...

Do you still want quilts to quilt? I just stumbled across your blog today..

Foster Momma said...

Are you still looking for quilts to quilt?

Kathleen said...

YES! YES! YES! Still accepting quilts to quilt. So much fun seeing quilts by other quilters from other parts of the country.

Debbie said...

Since joining the swap, I noticed your offer for quilting. Is this still on? Let me know, I have a couple of tops I'd love to have finished, before I ever get around to doing it myself. Email me with what I need to do to get them ready for you.

Happy New Year.