Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Sunday morning breakfast with mom and siblings and sometimes other suprise guests (this time it was Jerry! - good to see you outside of work) is always enjoyable. Good company, good food, good coffee, good conversation. We talk about what new in our lives, but we also talk about bigger things... like why do we drive on the right side of the road and in England they drive on the wrong, I mean left, side of the road. Who drives on what side where. We couldn't figure it out, so for all of you who were still pondering this issue (I know, it was only me - everyone else has moved on) here's some answers...
  • In the middle ages you walked on the left side of the road so if an enemy approached you could draw your sword.
  • In the 1700s, while hauling large loads of farm goods with wagon pulled by teams of horses, the driver had to sit on one of the horses. He sat on the left so he could hold his whip in his right hand. He wanted the other wagons to pass on his left so he could make sure the wheels of the other wagon didn't hit his.... so he drove on the right. You know Americans, bigger is better - the English had smaller wagons and they had seats! so no need to change sides.
  • Napoleon enforced a keep right rule in the countries he occupied and most other countries stayed on the left. Things stayed the same in most of these countries even after Napoleon was no more. Bit of confusion in Austria because only part of the country was occupied so they did both until Hitler came along and said everyone on the right NOW!
  • The United Kingdom controlled Australia and most of Africa so they drive on the left.

Well, that answers part of the question. But it leads to more.... Why do all boats, everywhere, drive on the right? Who said traffic lights should be red for stop, green for go, and yellow for hurry up the lights gonna change?

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Anonymous said...

Interesting info Kathleen. It was good to see you Sunday. Read Sarah's blog. Don't you just say be still my heart when reading her blog or watching her parent so brilliantly!
Jim picked me up from the airport Tuesday several hours after Tina's Mom left. Nothing serious was shaking there yesterday, so I came for a day or so. Nice to be home-it's been three weeks. Will return to Chicago probably the 22nd of August and stay til the 31st or the 1st, returning in Sept. for Mom's birthday. Hope I have a free ticket coming from Southwest soon. Love, Pat