Saturday, July 19, 2008

My personal weight loss plan

Zak & Caycee have gone home and I've lost another pound. Everytime they come, a pound or two goes - I love it. The first part of the plan is the limited calorie intake - no time for seconds (or even all of the first helping).
The second part is, of course, the excercise. This means cross training... weight lifting, aerobic, and walking...
Weight lifting: so they don't weigh much, but tell that to my arms! my legs! my back! what a workout! Who needs to lift mega weights? I've heard that leads to bulky muscles. Less weight and more reps builds lean muscles.
Aerobic: mostly sprints - Caycee's legs may be shorter than mine, but boy is she FAST! Blink and she is across the room heading for a plug or the indoor swimming pool (aka pet water bowl).
Walking: Zak's first request in the morning is "side" and this means outside. So as soon as everyone is fed and cleaned up and dressed (this usually takes a couple hours) out we go and we walk to the road, to the front porch, to the back yard, to the road, to the burn barrel (Zak has to throw all the corn cobs into it - did I mention we have a cornfield behind the house?), to the porch, to the garage, to the road... anyway you get it and you were getting tired just reading it, weren't you?
Key to all this is that you need to find exercise that you like - how could I not like hanging out with the grandkids... only thing missing is Cooper! We look at lots of Cooper pictures - I love the way Zak says "CooP!"

Cooper, Coos, CooP

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