Tuesday, July 15, 2008

To do lists

We're picking up Zak & Caycee today and they will be staying for a few days while Dayna gets a shot and has some recovery time. So I have things to get done this morning. I seem to work best, faster, with a list - crossing an item off is such a reward! (I know, simple pleasures for simple minds.) So I was just barreling through my list, got 1 1/2 things done and started thinking about why lists work. I headed to the internet and googled "to do" "to do list" "list motivation" etc.
I found lots of links to computer programs for making lists. That wouldn't work for me - I really like crossing an item off the list, it just wouldn't be the same as clicking on an item to mark it done. Kind of like trying to slam a cell phone.
I found a blog just about lists... To-Do List! People send in their lists, any kind of list. Kind of wierd but I found myself reading some of them.
I found a blog ZenHabits with a list of tools to get things done. I got dizzy looking at all the tools needed to accomplish something but found the authors "about me" and list of accomplishments interesting. I also liked a quote he had at the top of the page...
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle
So, an hour later and my to do list has only one item crossed off. That half an item has to be completely done to get crossed off. On my next "to do list" the first item needs to be STAY OFF THE INTERNET!!!! (for a while, anyway)

And Kudos to Sarah... she did a lot already today and she didn't even have a list... just a baby with plans!


Karen said...

i llllooovvveeee lists. i have several notebooks going just for different lists. I then carry them around with me crossing off (or not) as I go or writing down ideas, thoughts, etc.I like to look back at my notes and lists from years past..... i started saving the notebooks about 7-8 years ago

Sarah said...

You had to bring up to do lists! I'm a little crazy & obsessive about them & your post just got me started..