Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Cooper!!!

The Cheeto dance


This is fun, Grandpa. 
But my limit is the driveway.... the road makes me cry.

So sweet

You know, I think I've decided that I like cookies.
Yes, I definately do.

Getting so grown up.

Love you bunches, Cooper!

Happy Birthday!


Jean said...

what a cutie pie! Those eyes....

Is it freezing cold where you are today? Dang, so cold here I'm surprised it's not snowing! Either that or I'm a wuss...LOL

Jeanie said...

Mighty sweet pictures!

Karen said...

...sweet boy...getting so fast!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COOPER! What marvelous pictures, especially the one of "Two Dapper Dudes". Did you eat a lot of cake and get lots of hugs? Love, Aunt Pat and Penny