Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Breakfast With Family - The Aftermath

Whenever I'm able head North of a Sunday morning, I always enjoy breakfast out with Mom and my siblings.  Sometimes a niece or a partner will be there too :)  I LOVE having someone else cook for me and serve me!  And someone pouring my coffee for me.  Okay, I have to pour the coffee myself.  But someone else made it!

But, really, the best part is the visit afterwards, back at Mom's.  The restaurant din is gone and we laugh and joke.  We feast on whatever sweet Mike happened to bring (thanks, Mike!) and enjoy more coffee. And laugh and joke and converse some more.  This time I happened to have my camera . . .

 Mom hangs out with people in high places
 Pat hangs out with everybody.

It was great to see you all today!


"Lois Grebowski" said...

Nothing beats a wonderful time with family -- the stories and laughter...

Anonymous said...

Great was great seeing you on Sunday. That pic. of Grandma & Obama cracked me up!!! I am still giggling,
Luv ya auntie.