Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On My Way Back to One Flower Wednesdays

Hand sewing hexagons flowers is relaxing and enjoyable.  A cup of coffee, some tv to listen to and before you know it, a flower has bloomed.  BUT, tracing all those hexagons and then cutting them with scissors is anything but relaxing and enjoyable!  I tried with a rotary cutter but that was a disaster.  I haven't been in the mood for the tedium, nor have I had time for it, so my Wednesdays have been without flowers for weeks.  

Enter the GO! cutter that Karen so generously lent to me.  I ordered a hexagon die and I'm back in business!

 Perfect hexagons so very quickly and easily!
Look at them all! 

I'll have flowers to show next Wednesday for sure!
Thanks again Karen!


Kate said...

Hi Kathleen...I understand only too well what you mean...every
single one of my hexies have been cut by hand,,Now i am impressed...wondering what sizes it uses? i am working on 3/4 inch at the moment...Kate x

Anonymous said...

You "GO" woman! What I love most about the GO cutter is that it allows you to put your time into the thought and execution.

Karen's nice to let you use it. I think she likes ya! :-D)

Sheila said...

Oh lucky you , I agree the cutting and preparing for the flowers is the hard part the actual sewing is relaxing .Look forward to seeing you flowers next week.

Karen said...

I'm so glad that thing is getting used...I've had it for quite a while...because I just HAD to have it...but never really used it. GO on, auntie!

Lois...I ain't that nice....;) but I do really like my auntie!

Karen said...

Welcome back! Now that is nice and fast. I look forward to seeing your flowers next week.

Anonymous said...

These hexes look so interesting. Something I could sit on the couch and work on in the evening when I don't want to get a big project out. I really like them.


Brigitte said...

What size of hexagon are you cutting? I can't quite tell from the photo.

Renate said...

Sounds interesting to work with the GO cutter.

Terry said...

A great machine. Lucky you
Looking forward to see some mew flowers.

Nanato4 said...

Lucky you ... cutting anything other than strips is so tedious, but hexies would have to be the worst. Can't wait to see the flowers!