Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hocus Pocus. Must Focus.

So many projects.  So much mess.  I get that having several projects going at once is the norm.  But I make such a mess with just one project.  With multiple projects I gradually lose my cutting table.  It's six feet long and I wind up cutting on two feet of it. Which would be fine if it didn't bother me.... but it does!  If my table is neater my brain functions better.  Must find a way to keep it all neater.

All my blocks are sewn for the first sewing step in Stitch-a-Long with Linda of Thistledown.  No pressure here.  I'm all caught up on this one.

I have a fat quarter collection of Sweet & Sour from Connecting Threads (thanks Jim & Tina!) that I'm turning into these blocks.  It should make a generous sized lap quilt.

My scraps are starting to overflow the giant tote box so I'm starting to iron and cut and organize them using Bonnie Hunter's Scrap User's System.  It's a slow start, but satisfying.

I have a gazillion of these from another project I started and decided not to finish.  I'd like to start with these and design something for our bed.  Maybe a row quilt.

So I'm turning them into these...

And this is what I'm having the most fun with.  I told Sarah I'd help with her party for the boys' birthdays and she gave me a fun project - bunting!  Bright, fun, festive fabric, isn't it?!

All these and more.  They are taking over the sewing room and overflowing into the guest bedroom and the basement kitchen.   I need to focus. I need a finish. I love working on lots of things. Get tired of one, there's another to have fun with. Get stuck, just move to another project for a while. Works in progress are fine, but somethings I really need a finish.  I had a couple scraps left from the bunting and I'm thinking a little lined zipper pouch will be just the thing to give me a finish.

If I'm ever missing it'll be because I got buried under fabric/project piles and couldn't focus enough to find my way out.


Jeanie said...

I hear ya, Sista!

Anonymous said...

The bunting is going to be cute!

andsewon said...

I can sing this same tune with ya!!!
HAD to do some 'clean up' in here today before I could go on to next project!!!
Love what you are doing with your small nine patches!

Cara said...

Keeping my WIPs organized has been a constant struggle for me. I hope you figure out a way, and share it. I'm a hopeless case. (and it bothers me, too) So much harder wo work, when there is no space left.

Karen said...

I heart bunting!! Its going to be so cute....and she can put it up every year...woohoo! Love the projects you have going...thats a good idea for the scraps. I've sorted and ironed some of mine when I was working on the ticker tape quilt which of course is a ufo now.

Cleaning up the mess is WAY OVERATED!!!(.....but it sure is nice when it is cleaned up;)

Glad u got to see mom....the puzzle is so cool...thanks...Amy might do it first.

Linda/Thistledown and Co. said...

LOL Kathleen, my WIP's could circle the globe! "Focus" was my buzz word this year - oh well, there's always next year!
Glad to see you are keeping up with my stitch-a-long. Love the fabrics in your blocks.