Monday, June 28, 2010

Project Quilting - Log Cabin

The Rules:

1. The inspiration is the Log Cabin block.
2. Use as many fabrics as you like, but use both the front and reverse sides of at least one of them.
3. Maximum size is 36" x 36".

I made three green and purple blocks with the purple pieces wider than the green.  I forgot to take a picture of the blocks before they were cut into this petal shape.

I put Texture Magic on the back and quilted the blocks. 

Steaming the blocks on the Texture Magic side gave it the scrunched up, crinkly look.
The three petals were sewn along the sides to create a three dimensional flower.
Do you see the spot of dew? (two sequins)
Several pipe cleaners spiral wrapped in green fabric make the stem which was then poked through an opening in the bottom of the flower cup and stitched in place. 
Long, long ago my nieces (yes, Karen was one of them) showed me how to make a vase by covering a glass bottle with  little bits of masking tape and then rubbing it with shoe polish.  That was the inspiration for my fabric base.  I use two brown fabrics and both sides of one of them. There are a few hundred little bits of brown fabric attached to a base piece of fabric.  Two layers of stabilizer was added to the other side of the base fabric.  I sewed a few darts in the top to make top narrower.  Then sewed the piece into a cylinder.  On the bottom I long stitched several pieces of floss and gathered to make a base.

This was another fun (hair-pulling), educational (what NOT to do), exciting (will I finish in time?!) project. 

Won't you join us next time?

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