Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kid Stuff - June Birthday Celebration

Zak's birthday is in June. Caycee and Lynzee were born in July. Justin will be out of town for two weeks of USMC training and will miss Caycee's and Lynzee's birthdays. So Justin and Dayna had one big celebration for all of them.

Oh look! It's someone just my size!
Checking each other out.  Do you see Zak just entering the scene on the right?  This was so cute... several adults said "look out for the babies Zak!"  Instead of veering around them to go where he had been headed he grinned and plopped right down between them and had a little visit.
Looks like Lynzee adores him.  She really does.  Dexter was pretty fascinated too.
Caycee - the rough and tough tomboy - is turning into quite the little princess. 
She asked me recently if I used to be a princess :)


I love the way Cooper treasures his treats before devouring them.
He was so good watching the birthday kids opening their presents... gotta be so hard at that age!


Karen said...

....did u tell her 'yes' and u still are? ;)

Jeanie said...

Yeah....what Karen said!
What a joy for you to have such a wonderful family! God Bless!