Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Spy Squares

My I Spy squares are all cut and ready to mail to Wendy.  The stars that are not cut in the pic are my 10th fabric and are now cut. With 100 different squares I figure I can make two I Spy Quilts if I use enough sashing.    It was fun finding fabrics for this swap. 

I'm going to keep looking for fabrics because I don't want to stop at two quilts. I'll be hosting on of these swaps soon.


My name is Wendy . . . said...

Hi Kathleen!
As i type Oscar has given me these crazy over-sized glasses with blue lenses! Can't see too well but we are laughing!!!
Your i.spy fabrics look awesome!
Can hardly wait!

Foster Momma said...

Ooooh...they look great! How fun to see everyone's choices!

Pippilotta said...

Hello Kathleen,

I love your fabrics, mine are laying there, I guess, I will cut them tomorrow and then they are going on tour.

When you will be host in the next one, I would like to take part, I have seen a quilt from such fabrics, it looked so colorful and funny.

Karen said...

.....I wasn't going to....I was going to wait for urs but I jumped in.....I'm excited about getting squares from other countries.

Foster Momma said...

I just re-read your post...and saw that you might be doing your own I Spy Swap i the future...if you do...I want to sign up! I am like you...I am not going to want to stop after just getting the blocks we get from this first swap.

My name is Wendy . . . said...

Hi Kathleen ... Thanks for encouraging a few others to join in my i.spy swap! Nearly there ... 17 swappers! Ta

bingo~bonnie said...

ooogh these look so fun! I collected and collected and like you did a swap to get more variety! ;) I finally got my daughter's I-Spy quilt finished last April... and she loves it! I ended up having 100 blocks in all 96 on the front and another 4 on the back side. :)

This year I need to get out all my leftovers and hunt for more so that I can make my 2.5 year old twins each a quilt... and maybe give them for Christmas this year... ;)

Thanks for sharing - so glad I read this so I can be reminded to get started soon! ;)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

PS - if you visit my blog look on the side for the label "Happy Quilt" to see the one I made for Nora - that's what she calls it... ;)

Care said...

Wow, they are all FABULOUS! I can't wait to get all the squares back! :o)