Monday, September 21, 2009

My Dogs And Their Manners

One of the problems with having more than one dog and a lack of dedication to training is that manners are inconsistent and, well, basically poor. For instance, when passing through a doorway with the dogs, a couple of them will hang back and let the human go first, the others will just charge through with a "me first!" attitude. When they have been outside and I go to let them in those same ones will hang back and let the others go first. Annoying, but not enough for me to take the effort with training.

I mentioned a while back that the farmer in the field next to us is using natural fertilizer and we really are happy with the concept.  The reality, hmmm, not so much.  The natural fertilizer, aka cow manure (and LOTS OF IT) is rather odorous.  And it's lasting a really long time.  The morning dew seems to help it along.  Any rain, well that's a plus.  The moisture heightens the experience. We have learned, though, that there is nothing like it for the ground. And chemicals are really scary.  So. Do it. I'll consider it a necessary evil. 

Another plus with the natural is that manure attracts flies.  LOTS OF THEM.  Here's where the dogs' manners come in.  It seems now each and every one of them is polite.  When we open the door to let them in after they have done their business outside (thank you very much) they will stop as if to say "Just look at that long parade of flies waiting to get in. I'll let them go first. All in?  Okay, now I'll come in."


Gotta go. The fly swatter is calling me.


taylorsoutback said...

You must have an alpha pooch too! Our 3 shelties are the same with their manners...our silver girl, Kelsie is definitely the alpha female of the trio and she MUST be first going in & out of any door. And we live in the country also...we just stocked up on new fly swatters as the others were worn out. The only thing that will take care of them for now is a really hard frost...but they will be back next Spring...
Have a good week and thanks for sharing:o)

HRH Gigi said...

I read somewhere that if you hang a bag of water in the doorway the flies won't go anywhere near it. I can't verify this from experience, and it does sound a bit odd, but if it works.....another natural solution. Good luck.

Cara said...

You are a great stroy teller. I love reading your posts. I think the first one I read, that 'hooked' me, was about your cat... So, how many dogs are we talking about?
I also read that thing about the bag of water but it's supposed to be clear plastic (like a sandwich size zip lock) and have pennies in it. I'd try it. Cara

Anonymous said...

I like how you growl at the end of naughty dog stories. I agree with Cara that you are a great story teller. Love, Pat